Have You Been Accused of Assaulting a Family Member?

Have You Been Accused of Assaulting a Family Member?

Consult a domestic violence attorney in Dallas, TX

Unfortunately, false accusations of family violence aren’t uncommon in Dallas, Texas. If you’re facing this charge, contact Noemi A. Collie, P.C. ASAP. Some family violence allegations occur because the accused felt jealous or angry. Whatever the reason for your charge, you can trust attorney Collie to get to the bottom of your situation and develop a strong counterargument.

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How to tell if you have a solid case

Attorney Collie will discuss your situation with you to determine the best course of action. You can be charged with domestic violence if you intentionally:

  • Cause injury to someone in your family
  • Threaten someone you’re living with
  • Make physical contact with someone you’re dating
  • Assault a family member with a weapon

Don’t leave your future up to chance. Visit the firm of attorney Collie today to go over your family violence charge with her.