Attorney Noemi has represented my husband and I in several cases for many years. She is very direct and open with each case. She makes her recommendations and follows through. Every case she has taken care for us we were able to settle. She takes care of all the details and answered all our concerns/questions with details also......She would make us aware of her legal plans for our case. I understand she is concentrating on criminal law, although she is knowledgeable in broad legal subjects.

Wonderful attorney and person

As soon as my boyfriend got arrested i knew to call Noemi Collie. She was able to change his cash bond to a surety bond the next day so he could be bailed out. She helped us through his case and was very responsive to any questions we had. I recommend her for any criminal cases.

I wouldn't hire any other attorney

Over 3 years, Noemi worked with me towards the trial date, and went against one of the toughest prosecutors in Dallas County. She worked tirelessly to defend the case and we got a Not Guilty verdict by jury. This was a 25 to life case. She's one of the best.

1st Degree Felony Verdict = Not Guilty by jury

Very good lawyer. I recommend her for any situation you might have with the criminal cases and other related issues. I rate her as five stars.

I have had the fortune to choose Attorney Noemi Collie to defend me when not long ago I was scammed by a “Professional Scammer” online. My plight occurred when I was hoping to be hired for a position as a nanny, and everything seemed so truthful. Sadly, I didn’t see the Red Flags and I unknowingly got involved in a money order scam. It was not long afterwards that the police arrested me at my home and I ended up in jail.

It was the worst day of my life but thank God that I called Attorney Noemi Collie. She had previously helped me in civil cases, but I was happy to discover that she now concentrated on criminal cases only. Noemi immediately spoke supportive words to me. While explaining the law to me, she skillfully evaluated the circumstances and the evidence. When she went into the court room, she had a powerful plan to fight for my innocence. Unlike many attorneys, Noemi fought until the end of my case which ruled in my favor.

Attorney Noemi Collie is articulate, strong-minded, ethical, and persuasive and she speaks with authority to the court. As a client, I can assure you that if you end up accused and go to court, that you will stand the pressure better knowing you have Noemi Collie on your side to defend you. She explains the charges and her plan of defense to your understanding level. I definitely recommend her services and that you carry her number with you since in this unpredictable world she is someone you can count on.

Gem M.

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